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Containing over 220,000 puzzle clues, our Online Crossword Dictionary is your crossword solver. You can search for the solutions by either clue or pattern.
And in case our crossword dictionary doesn't contain the solution, offers you a special crossword puzzle help feature. This 'members only' feature (don't fear, membership is free!)works as follow:
If a search didn't turn up any answers members will be asked to add this puzzle clue to the 'not in dictionary list'. On set times the server will email all other members the list of puzzle clues.All members then will be able to add possible solutions for these puzzle clues to our database, hence helping out the original searcher of the clue! Check our members section to see how you can become a member and become part of our crossword puzzle solver community.

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We are developing a spanish language crossword dictionary. Check it out here: Diccionario Crucigramista. We are looking for help on all translation, anyone speaking native spanish is welcome to contact us!

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